Full Name
Kristy James RDH
Speaker Bio
Kristy James, RDH, graduated from dental hygiene school in 2003 and immediately began working as a dental hygienist in a small town in Washington state. She has been working as a hygienist for 17 years and using dental lasers for the past 12. In 2012, she also began working part time for Biolase, traveling across the country to share her knowledge of dental lasers with other hygienists.
James attained an associate fellowship from the World Clinical Laser Institute and, in 2014, was given the award for Outstanding Contributions in Advancing Dentistry through Laser and Imaging Technologies. Since she began working for Biolase, peers and colleagues have valued her charismatic and relatable approach. Her passion and commitment to excellence compel her to continue to share her enthusiasm and knowledge.
Kristy James