Help Center

If you have any technical issues or questions on how to use the virtual event platform, do not hesitate to contact a RDH UOR Extended event staff member by clicking the button below or by typing your question in the Chat box addressed to the Event Staff.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All sessions are scheduled for Central Standard Time (CST).
Click “View Session” on the Virtual Session Agenda. If it is before the session start time, you will be taken into a waiting room until the session begins. After the session concludes, the session will be available on-demand.

The RDH UOR Extended virtual event is a great place for you to network with industry colleagues! There are a number of places where you can network, which are listed below:

  • Live Chat – post a chat in the main Live Chat feed, located on the right hand side of the Event Home page
  • Direct Chat- in the Live Chat feed, you can click on "Direct Chat" to connect directly with other colleagues
  • Session Chat - ask questions or chat with other attendees in the Live Chat located on the right hand side of every session page
  • Connect with the Community  – click on this button on the Event Home page and search for attendees to connect with

The content from the RDH UOR Extended virtual event will be available on-demand August 3rd - September 3rd.