Help Center

If you have any technical issues or questions on how to use the virtual event platform, do not hesitate to contact a RDH UOR Extended event staff member by clicking the button below. You can also Direct Message us in the Live Chat by entering "Event Management" in the Search field and clicking on a staff member's profile.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All sessions are scheduled for Central Standard Time (CST).
Click “View Session” on the Virtual Session Agenda. If it is before the session start time, you will be taken into a waiting room until the session begins. After the session concludes, the session will be available on-demand.

The RDH UOR Extended virtual event is a great place for you to network with industry colleagues! There are a number of places where you can network, which are listed below:

  • Live Chat – post a chat in the main Live Chat feed, located on the right hand side of the Event Home page
  • Direct Chat- in the Live Chat feed, you can click on "Direct Chat" to connect directly with other colleagues
  • Session Chat - ask questions or chat with other attendees in the Live Chat located on the right hand side of every session page
  • Connect with the Community  – click on this button on the Event Home page and search for attendees to connect with
  • Meeting RequestsClick “Connect with Community” on Event Home. Search by Full Name, Company or Title. Click Request Meeting button and enter date, time and other meeting details.

The content from the RDH UOR Extended virtual event will be available on-demand until xxx.