• Logging In
    • Click on the link: 
    • It will prompt you to the login page, type in your email and password
      • Please use the same email address that you used to sign up for the conference 
    • If your password is not working. Click on "Forgot Password", enter in your email address. If you don't get an email right away, please check your spam folder.
    • After you create a new password, it will prompt you to the original login page. Enter your email and new password. 
  • Before Your Session
    • After logging into the platform, you’ll land on our home page. This will show you the activity stream, our community, and which session is currently airing once the virtual event starts.
    • All sessions are housed in the “Homepage”.
  • During Your Session
    • The chat panel is to the right of the video window. As a reminder, please be in the session during its scheduled airtime to engage with the speaker.

If you have any technical issues or questions on how to use the virtual event platform, do not hesitate to contact an UOR Extended event staff member by clicking the button below or by typing your question in the Chat box addressed to the Endeavor Event Staff.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All sessions are scheduled for Central Standard Time (CST).

Click "View Session" on the Virtual Session Agenda. If it is before the session start time, you will be taken into a waiting room until the session begins. After the session concludes, the session will be available on-demand.


It will be located in your email confirmation from registration, it will be called the Badge ID Number. If you can not locate the confirmation email, please check your spam folder or deleted folder. 

The sessions will be available from September 22th - October 22th 

**Please note that the sessions will have different CE codes than the ones mentioned at the live event because the on-demand sessions are for SELF-STUDY CE credit (NOT LIVE).

Screen Problems -The presentation has a echo and/ or the presentation quit playing, click F5 on a PC or Command +R on a Mac to refresh your page. We recommend only having one tab open at a time. 

Sounds Problems - To turn on the sound for the presentation, click on the presentation for the audio to activate if you can not hear the presentation. Make sure your audio is turned on before the session begins.  

The chat room is located on the right hand side of the presentation. The speakers will be live to answer your questions through out the presentation.

1. Navigate to https://dentalacademyofce.com/uor-extended

2. Log in. If you are a new user to the Dental Academy of CE, follow the on-screen instructions to create an account.

3. Submit your CE course code. Please note Course Codes are case sensitive. Enter only capital letters and numbers.

     a. If you are claiming live credits, you’ll be redirected to the session evaluation page.

     b. If you are claiming on-demand credits, you’ll be redirected to the session test page. You will need to pass the test to earn your certificate.

4. You’ll be asked if you want to submit another CE code/Course Evaluation. Click “Yes” to start the process over for a different session. Click “No” to be redirected to your account dashboard where you can access your certificates.