Full Name
An chih Do RDH, MEd, MAADH
Job Title
The Pediatric RDH
Dental Hygiene Spark, LLC
Speaker Bio
An Chih “Angela” Do, RDH, MEd, MAADH has been practicing in pediatric dentistry for over 16 years as a dental assistant and dental hygienist. She is a speaker that brings impactful and resourceful information to clinicians. An Chih’s background in film and television allows her creativity to expand beyond the operatory and into her presentations. As an immigrant and first-generation student, An Chih knows the impact that education can make. This awareness drives her to empower dental professionals with tools to better care for their patients.

The Pediatric RDH is an active American Dental Hygienists’ Association member. She is the Immediate Past President of the Greater Houston Dental Hygienists’ Association and Speaker of the House for the Texas Dental Hygienists’ Association. She also served as a District IX delegate and was appointed to ADHA's 2021-2022 IDEA committee. The do-all-things dental hygienist is also a mother of two young boys and a wife.
An chih Do