Workshop: Power Hygiene Unlimited: There's Power in Laser AND Power in You!
Date & Time
Friday, July 23, 2021, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Elaine Rodriguz


  • Understand the clinical efficacy and therapeutic value of various dental hygiene laser treatments
  • Products & Services: Identify yourself as the Hygiene-Intrapreneur and your role in the dental business fee for service model
  • Take the “sleaze” out of “sales” and learn how to build long term value through oralsystemic connections

As dental medicine continues to evolve, laser technology is becoming more popular and widely accepted, creating a higher market value and competitive advantage to the certified hygienist. In this power-packed workshop, we will visit the various laser therapeutics every laser hygienist (or aspiring!) should be proficient in, as well as introduce the concept of the 2021 Prevention Specialist: The Hygiene-Intrapreneur!

Location Name
Room 103
Full Address
Indiana Convention Center
100 S Capitol Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46225
United States
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