Full Name
Elaine Rodriguz RDH
Speaker Bio
With 17 years of dental experience, Elaine has professionally evolved from a prosthodontist specialty assistant, to office manager, to assistant temp while in hygiene school, to hygiene director post-grad, and now entrepreneur! Elaine has earned multiple fellowships and advanced certifications for lasers, leadership, and hygiene clinical consulting. In 2014, Elaine founded Dental Laser Integrations, the nation's leading resource for combined laser certification & technology training, geared towards overall practice growth, personal and professional development. Elaine's boutique consulting firm consists of the nation's top laser- restorative dentists and high-performance hygienists, where together, they have helped countless offices nationwide see an immediate return on investment and elevation of clinical standards of care through their sophisticated teaching models! Elaine's clinical training courses will help you achieve a higher level of patient satisfaction through high value/high dollar treatment planning and delivery! DLI Curricula is centered around improved hygiene preventative care models, dental business acumen, and creating a motivated team culture. On her downtime, Elaine enjoys spending time with her daughter, family and friends, hiking around the globe and their Arizona home.
Elaine Rodriguz