Full Name
Dr. Joy Void-Holmes RDH, BSDH, MHSc
Job Title
Curator of Confidence and Courage
Dr. Joy, RDH
Speaker Bio
Dr. Joy D. Void-Holmes is a native Washingtonian. As a registered dental hygienist with over 25 years of clinical experience, she holds a Master of Health Science with a concentration in Forensic Investigative Science and Doctor of Health Science degree from Nova Southeastern University. She is founder of Dr. Joy, RDH™ and creator of the Dental Hygiene Student Planner™ Dr. Joy holds a faculty position at the American Denturist School and serves as a professional educator and professional relations consultant for WaterPik. Dr. Joy is a professional speaker and published author. She has presented continuing education courses nationally and internationally in the areas of instrumentation, ultrasonics, infection control, nutrition and biochemistry, cultural diversity and inclusion, silver diamine fluoride and glass ionomers along with her signature keynote, Confidence and Courage. She serves as a Consultant Examiner for the CDCA and board member for the Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners. Dr. Joy is an active member of The American Academy of Dental Hygienists and The Maryland Dental Action Coalition.
Joy Void-Holmes