Workshop: Finding your path to career fulfillment: it's never too late to start something new!
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Date & Time
Thursday, July 20, 2023, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Carol Jahn

Learning Objectives: 

  • Define what your want for your future; better clinical practice, side-gig, full-on career move
  • Identify the knowledge, skills or degree you need to get where you go.
  • Understand and value your 'worth'  
  • Discuss best practices in networking and interviewing for positions

It is no secret that many hygienists today are unhappy with clinical practice; often with very good reason.  Things such as not having enough or the right PPE, misclassification with a 1099, or clocking out for no-shows, do not contribute to a safe and healthy work environment.  It is no surprise that many hygienists are seeking ways to find the respect, security, and satisfaction lacking in their current clinical practice setting.  Whether you are looking for a different clinical practice setting, interested in a ‘side-gig’, or want to transition to nonclinical role, this course will help you develop a forward path to finding more fulfilling work.  The course will include a panel of RDHs who will share their career path experiences.

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CEU Credits: 2