Blinded by the Light: Non-Opioid Innovations in Precision Periodontics
Date & Time
Saturday, December 4, 2021, 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Katrina Sanders


  • Discuss common periodontal procedures oftentimes requiring opioid use for management
  • Evaluate alternative clinical opportunities for periodontal procedures
  • Identify the benefits of a precise approach to periodontal therapy via perioendoscopy
  • Review the results of optimal therapy in a non-invasive approach to treating periodontal disease
  • Examine case selection in integrating an early and precise approach to advanced periodontics
  • Discuss anti-inflammatory products for the adjunctive treatment of periodontitis

In the rise of this global health crisis, patients are curious and concerned with regards to their health, wellness and vitality.  However, now more than ever, patients are looking to non-invasive approaches to safely and efficiently manage their disease.  With prescriptive tendencies around opioids primarily linked to invasive and advanced dental procedures, practices who are able to provide optimal results with minimal patient trauma are quickly becoming industry leaders.

Join Katrina M Sanders as she discusses the blind approach taken not only to write needless prescriptions but also in treating one of the most prevalent chronic inflammatory conditions seen around the world.  With a deep focus on precision medicine, you’ll take off the blindfold and deep dive into optimal inflammatory management strategies for the advanced periodontal patient.