Beyond these four walls; Public health and so much more
Date & Time
Saturday, December 4, 2021, 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM
Brooke Crouch


  • Identify the reasons why public health is a much needed area for hygienists to practice and participate in community health.
  • Explore the varying modalities for delivering care in the public sector.
  • Review some differing programs hygienists are currently offering in the public sector.
  • Conclude the steps necessary to begin your exciting journey into the world of public health.

Whether you are new to dental hygiene or have been practicing for many years, keeping your passion alive for the profession can have its challenges. Having career options are critical to avoiding burnout and evolving as a dental hygienist. We are a part of an amazing profession. Dental hygienists are compassionate, innovative, motivated individuals that strive to meet the needs of their patients and communities. That does not always mean providing care in the traditional setting of an operatory. Delivering care and education to our patients can take place in many alternative settings, including the public sector. This course will explore the many routes a hygienist can take to evolve their career outside the brick and mortar practice while addressing the access to care issues many of our patients face. This course will give you concrete steps to begin your journey in the public sector and raise your awareness of exciting opportunities that await you. Public health is an incredibly rewarding career full of excitement, autonomy, and opportunity for growth. Professional happiness makes you a better person, friend, and clinician. This course will provide alternative paths to achieving professional success and empower you to pave your way in dental hygiene!