Workshop: Advanced Medical Emergency Preparedness & Training
Date & Time
Thursday, July 22, 2021, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
John Roberson

Medical Emergencies happen in dental offices.  They are not rare.  Dentists and their staff must be ready, there can be no exception.  Regarding dental office medical emergencies, it is not a question of "if" - rather it is a question of "when."

A dentist can expect a patient to have a medical emergency in his/her office once every two years of practice. 50% of those emergencies will be syncope. A medical emergency other than syncope can be expected to occur every four years. The first 10 minutes are critical in a life-threatening emergency.  This is an energetic, interactive lecture devoted to having dental hygienists ALSDH-Ready. Every Hygienist needs to be ALSDH-Ready!  A Medical emergency is a TEAM matter! Dentists need staff that are fully trained to handle the emotionally challenged state of mind one will be in when a life-threatening emergency does occur in their office. 

Empower Hygienists the ability to truly help and assist in saving a life.  Is the practice equipped and the Staff trained to handle the situation? Hygienists WILL be trained and know what to do for their offices after this lecture. 



-What to do in the first 10 minutes of a medical emergency

-Recognize adverse reactions to drugs and implement appropriate interventions for those causing a medical emergency

-ALSDH: Brief discussion of the program:

Module 1 – Anaphylaxis

            Module 2 – AED

            Module 3 – Emergency Medications

            Module 4 – Pediatric Emergency Preparation

            Module 5 – Airway Emergencies

            Module 6 - Local Anesthesia & Emergencies


-Understand and know the CORE 8 DRUGS (Critical Office Resuscitative Emergency Drugs) your office needs for medical emergencies:

-Recognize and discuss management of the DOME 16 (Dental Office Medical Emergencies):

-Legal Ramifications of adverse events in dental offices

-Case Presentations involving various medical emergencies that occurred in dental offices

-Describe all contents within the emergency drug kit and know their uses

-Medical emergency algorithms

-HyperDiabesity: The Terrible Triad of Hypertension/Diabetes/Obesity

-Medical Emergency Mock Drill for Dentist and Staff with each role defined for each medical emergency

-Emergency Drug Checklist development for the dental office 

-C.A.N.A.L. Acronym for medical emergency recall

-Patient Red Flags

-Patient Risk Factor Matrix

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Room 104
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Indiana Convention Center
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