Dazed and Confused Unmasking the Cannabis and Vaping Explosion
Date & Time
Saturday, July 24, 2021, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Edie Gibson
  •  Understand the oral and systemic effects of electronic nicotine-delivery systems (ENDS) and cannabis
  •  Distinguish myth vs reality of the medicinal aspect of cannabis and “safety” of ENDS (e-cigs/ vaping)
  •  Identify the current trends in vaping and cannabis use
  •  Appreciate the difference between THC/THCA, CBD/CBN and other cannabinoids

According to a study conducted by the NIH, nearly 40% of 12th graders and 11% of 8th graders polled reported vaping nicotine on a regular basis. That translates to an additional 1.3 million adolescents that started vaping nicotine in 2018. The same study reported 13% of 12th graders vaped marijuana (THC) as well. With vaping now an epidemic, combined with the legalization of cannabis in many states, a shifting paradigm of drug use is evolving. This shift is wreaking havoc on the teen brain and body! The ability to communicate these issues, as well as the negative oral health ramifications, to our patients is critical as health care providers. This program will uncover the mysteries of E-cigs (JUULing), recreational and medical cannabis, and expose the reality hidden by the “smoke and mirrors”.

Location Name
Sagamore 6