Become a Hero of Dentistry and Solve the Dry Mouth Mystery
Date & Time
Saturday, July 24, 2021, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Shannon Nanne

Upon completion of the course the participant will:

  • List the oral and non-oral symptoms reported by patients suffering from Xerostomia
  • Discuss the causes of Xerostomia and understand the components and functions of saliva
  • Explain the clinical signs of salivary gland hypo-function
  • Discuss management options for educating patients and improving their quality of life
  • Identify successful treatment options and products available

We know that Xerostomia is not a disease but it is often not discussed or masked by the next dry mouth product. However, xerostomia is a serious condition that is annoying and uncomfortable and usually caused by a disease or underlying condition. It affects your patient’s quality of life while speaking, eating or even trying to sleep. Hypo-salivation can damage the hard and soft tissues of the mouth while presenting a clinical challenge in the operatory! 25% of your patients suffer from this terrible affliction and age is not a cause of having a dry mouth. Xerostomia is more common in the older adult population but is not necessarily an inevitable part of aging.  This course will turn you into a dry mouth superhero! You will be able to teach patients reasons why they suffer from dry mouth, intra-oral problems associated with it, and management options available to make your patients more comfortable managing their symptoms.

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Sagamore 1
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