Tori and Frena and Deviated Septum, Oh, My
Date & Time
Thursday, July 22, 2021, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Shirley Gutkowski
  • Discuss how the face develops
  • Translate facial development into potential disorders
  • List observations from the dental hygiene chair that indicate problems
  • Outline preventive steps to improve facial development in the first 1000 Days and beyond

Do you still think that these three have no known causes?  When I graduated from my program in 1986 maxillary and mandibular tori were idiopathic, there was no reason to look  for why they were there. There wasn't one. There was also no reason for removing them unless there was space needed for dentures; or is there? Many a time I, and most other hygienists, cursed mandibular tori for making taking bitewing x-rays nearly impossible to take. Is that the only problem with mandibular tori?

This course is going to put tori and other conditions under a new light. We'll visit a maxillary torus that may have contributed to dire consequences. We'll take another look at deviated septum with no known injury, and wonder about the dental role in contributing to it. The dental hygiene department is in the prevention business, how far can that go? You'll be amazed.

Location Name
Sagamore 6