Five Essential Skills Every RDH Needs in the Age of Uncertainty
Date & Time
Thursday, July 22, 2021, 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Carol Jahn
  •  Understand how curiosity helps us know our patients better and drive live-long learning
  •  Describe the importance of sharing the responsibility for identifying and discussing a patient's oral health needs and understanding how it contributes to overall practice health
  •  Evaluate and improve communication skills to increase acceptance of recommendations and treatments
  •  Recognize that excellence has multiple pathways that allow us to find greater flexibility and adaptability with patient needs and wants
  •  Examine the importance of kindness and empathy in maintaining and developing relationships with patients and co-workers.

The coronavirus pandemic brought to the surface and deepened the growing unhappiness and dissatisfaction many dental hygienists are having with clinical practice.  While it is tempting to play the 'blame game' - the doctor, the office manager, or the professional association, the key to restoring the value of the dental hygienist lives within ourselves.  This course will explore how five essential skills; curiosity, shared responsibility, effective communication, adaptability, and kindness can help you regain your love of dental hygiene and lead you to your best life at work and home.

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Sagamore 7
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