Decreasing Disparities Through Dental Care
Date & Time
Thursday, July 22, 2021, 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Lesley Tuomi

Through participation in this course, the audience will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of structural racism
  • Learn how the profession of dentistry fits into the creation of disparities
  • Understand how one can use their role as a dental hygienist to reduce inequalities
  • Form ideas about way to enact change in their own hometown.

In the weeks that followed the death of George Floyd all fifty of the United States, along with cities in eighty other countries throughout the world, saw an eruption of demonstrations, protests and riots.  Cries for equality rang out like never before; and the words “systemic racism” were thrown around by every media outlet.  But… does every American understand what those words mean? This course will not only provide the attendee with a brief history of some of the events that lead to the epidemic known as “systemic racism,” but will take a look at our society today and explain how the profession of dentistry contributes to the inequalities still faced by many children throughout this country.
Disparity reduction is complex work.  The focus of this course will be on exploring how the dental hygienist can play a critical role in the induction of change.  The main objective is to empower each participant with the understanding, ideas, and instruction needed to make a positive change in their own community.

Location Name
Sagamore 1