Full Name
Cindy Purdy RDH, BSDH
Speaker Bio
Multiple decades of clinical dental hygiene practice have fueled Cindy Purdy’s passion for workplace wellness. Cindy holds an Ergonomic Certificate from Colorado State University. In 2013, she earned her CEAS credential (Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist), with an emphasis on improving dental personnel health and performance by creating safer workstations. Additionally, she is certified in Healthcare Ergonomics.
Over many years, her clinical practice settings have ranged from traditional private practice to hospital oncology and lastly, the utilization of teledentistry in her rural mountain town in Colorado.
With a keen mind and sharp sense of humor, Cindy provides consulting, strategic planning, and training for dental industry manufacturers regarding her favored topics of ergonomics and teledentistry. Because of their continued commitment to the development of ergonomic products that are beneficial to dental practitioners, she is proud to be a Key Opinion Leader for the Hu-Friedy Group, Crest/Oral-B and multiple other industry manufacturers.
Cindy’s life-long interest in education creates her continued future-focus, allowing her to share her messages of workplace wellness and equity of care with both dental practitioners and students, alike.
Cindy Purdy