Smart Scaling - Using the Staged Approach to Ultrasonic and Hand Instrumentation to Achieve Better Clinical Outcomes
Date & Time
Friday, October 9, 2020, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Joy Void-Holmes


  • Discuss current research that supports a staged approach to periodontal debridement
  • Recognize the importance of cementum preservation
  • Review the proper foundational skills in ultrasonic technique and hand instrumentation
  • Discuss variables that influence deposit removal using MUI technology
  • Examine current trends in sharp-free technology
  • Assemble hygiene setups that facilitate thorough removal of deposits with fewer instruments

The ultimate goal of manual and ultrasonic instrumentation (MUI) is to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and remove biofilm and calculus deposits while preserving tooth structure. The approach used to achieve this goal is inherently different based on the design of the instrument, sequence of use, and the technique utilized by the clinician. This course examines the staged approached of MUI. Clinicians will learn how to effectively maximize ultrasonic instrumentation through technique and tip selection in order to minimize hand instrumentation and create an environment that encourages tissue health through the staged approach of MUI. Visual imagery and hands-on demonstrations will be provided. A review of ultrasonic inserts and hand instruments with sharp-free technology will be applied to helping attendees create periodontal debridement setups that require fewer instruments.


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