Being Bio-Logical: Healing Hearts, Minds and Mouths
Date & Time
Saturday, March 4, 2023, 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Barbara Tritz

Identify, recognize, and discuss the clinical significance of:
        a.  The mouth-gut-brain axis
        b.  Oral biofilm dysbiosis and its connection to “leaky” systems and chronic diseases
        c.  Heavy metal toxicity’s impact on the body
        d. Orofacial myofunctional disorders affect on systemic health 
        e. Nutrition’s role in oral health and dysbiosis

Discuss the benefits of a bio-logical preventive protocol.

Implement actionable, evidenced-based preventive bio-logical care plans in your new biological oral health practice that promotes and treats the mouth while supporting and enhancing the health of the entire body.

Monday morning’s patients are coming in with caries infections, inflammation, several chronic systemic illnesses, and are just a bloody mess. How can you help them? More brushing instructions? How about that floss (which they’ll never be able to do anyway)? Better toothpaste? More periodontal therapy and scaling? 

Break out from your rut! It's time for a paradigm shift. Explore new tools, tips, and systems to help identify pathogens, address the root causes of oral diseases, and then finally help your patients heal and be healthy. Stop letting “buff and go” get the best of you, and instead become the healer you were always meant to be. 

Being “bio-logical” means we look deeper into the many root causes of dental diseases so we can solve the puzzle of “why” and then heal the patient. We need to look beyond teeth and gums to the medical history, to nutrition and nutrients, gut health, heavy metal toxicity, orofacial development and dysfunction, sleep, stress, chemicals, and biofilms analysis before we can affect change in the oral condition. 

This course will explore the connections that link the mouth to gut, heart, and brain health. Then, we’ll discuss simple yet effective and more natural chairside treatments, tests, products, and protocols to share with patients to help them on their healing journeys. The importance of 21st-century tools such as phase contrast microscopy, salivary diagnostics, nitric oxide, and anti-infective periodontal therapies such as ozone. laser, and bio-botanicals, Guided Biofilm Therapy, and oral irrigation tools will be reviewed. 

Yes, it is different from what we currently do for traditional treatment. And yes, it will take more time. BUT! If we really want to help our patients heal, to relieve them from further infection, breakdown, and new diseases, we must shift our thinking and tools to find the real root causes; we must be “bio-logical”!