Oral Systemic Connections 101: Medical Conditions with Dental Solutions
Date & Time
Saturday, December 3, 2022, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Machell Hudson


  • P4 Risk Factor Protocol 
  • Oral and Systemic Connections 101
  • Collaborative Care and where to begin 

The American Healthcare System is the most advanced and impressive healthcare system in the entire world. However, the United States only spends 2.5% of its healthcare expenditure on prevention. This is heartbreaking and also opportunity for our dental profession to step up and own our place as a leader within healthcare. Our profession of Dental Hygiene was created to prevent and treat oral diseases, but little did we know until recently just how big our role in prevention was going to be. We not only have an opportunity to prevent and treat oral disease but through collaborative care we are also preventing and treating diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and so much more. This presentation will walk you through some of the leading causes of preventable disease in our country and help instill a better understanding of how the mouth is connected to the body. Feel empowered knowing you are no longer treating periodontal disease and caries disease with no hope of hopping off the roller coaster between health and active disease leaving you and your patients frustrated. Learn from scientific peer reviewed research and clinical experience of two decades how to collaboratively look for root cause inflammation and find solutions for each patient dependent upon their risks.  You will walk away feeling confident in how you can not only change your patients’ lives but also save them.