“Anatomy of The Unknown: Tooth Sleuth Forensic Dentistry: Role of the Dental Professionals”
Date & Time
Saturday, August 13, 2022, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Rhoda Kublickis


  •  Define Forensic Dentistry
  •  List roles of dental professionals in forensics
  •  Build foundational knowledge of protocol for mass fatalities
  •  Identify state and local agencies that utilize forensic dentistry

Rhoda developed an interest in Forensic Dentistry after one of her young patients piloted a plane that crashed, burning all the victims beyond recognition. Her Capstone Project for her
Bachelor’s degree was to put together some of the roles Dental Professionals can perform in Forensic Sciences. Ho hum anatomy and dental radiography courses? Think again! The
radiographs, intraoral photos, and impressions coupled with our understanding of dental anatomy can bring home family members involved in mass fatalities for closure or identify abuse
in our patient population. Can you see dead people? Can you help a family bring a loved one to rest? Closure is a part of the grief process and you have a role you can play.